Daddy Donkey generates huge coverage with the Time Out Card

Daddy Donkey

Daddy Donkey, the kick ass Mexican grill on Leather Lane, has generated huge coverage in Time Out by making sure they use their Footfall123 scanner to scan the barcode on the back of the Time Out Card.

Thousands of consumers carry the Time Out Card as it lists hundreds of great things to do around London, and Daddy Donkey was one of the ‘founding partners’ of the card, offering 20% off it’s awesome burritos to all card holders.

On launch, The Time Out card featured heavily in the magazine, both on the front cover and throughout the magazine.

Daddy Donkey Time Out launchDaddy Donkey was chosen to be a ‘featured partner’ in the magazine on launch, so that on the 14th May 2013 over 500,000 readers learnt about Daddy Donkey’s location and offer, from a magazine they trust. Other featured partners included the Shard, the BFI and Battersea Zoo – not a bad list for a burrito stall to get into!

Daddy Donkey Time Out EmailAs Time Out Cards became more common, Daddy Donkey were careful to use the Footfall123 scanner to scan each and every card and app which was presented. Every time they did, the Daddy Donkey offer climbed higher in the list of ‘most popular offers’, so when Time Out came to send out an email blast to their huge database, guess who featured at the top of the list?

Other coverage has followed, both in the magazine and in emails, providing a huge new audiance. Daddy Donkey have since opened a full time shop on Leather Lane, and as they scan every offer that comes in, the continue to stay near the top of theĀ ’most popular offers’ list, and continue to generate coverage that money really can’t buy.


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Want to get a Card for yourself?

Visit Time Out to get a card for yourself – there are amazing offers on it, including money off London’s finest burritos from Daddy Donkey.





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