How to create a great looking and effective email using Footfall123

You can search online for days and read various expert opinions on how to create a great looking and effective email to send to your customers. You can research how to ‘make them feel safe’ when reading your updates, or read up on your ‘target audience’ and how exactly you reach certain demographics. All of this is perfectly valid information and will no doubt help, but the point that is often missed is that YOU know who your customers are and it is YOU that knows how to communicate with them best.

Here are some simple tips on create a great looking and effective email using Footfall Toolbox that will engage your customers, grow your database and use your unique customer knowledge to communicate with them effectively.

You need to get your readers attention.

An enticing headline will attract your customers’ attention. Try and avoid headlines such as ‘OPEN THIS!’ or ‘You won’t believe what we have for you!’ as these can often be perceived as spam (and your customers definitely do not want to be spammed). So, instead of using ‘FREE drink offer!’ you can use ‘Drinks on the house’ or ‘Your drink always tastes better when it’s free’.

Make your email easy to read.

Imagery Screenshot

Try not to overwhelm your customers by packing your email full of text, when your customers are met with a wall of words they are likely to switch off. Make sure you use a relatively large and easy to read font; adding some attractive images.  The tone and the way you write the email is where your customer knowledge is your secret weapon; you know how best to talk to your customers and this is how you should come across in your email. If you are a relaxed, fun environment then come across as relaxed and tell a joke or use a pun or two…this is how you can make your readers feel “safe” so to speak.

Grow your database.

It is often said that getting your existing customers to recommend you is the most successful way of creating new customers; so make it easy for them to do so by adding a ‘forward to a friend’ link onto all of your emails. In Footfall123 this is very simple as we have a hyperlink function where you can link a sign up form, your website or any web link into your own emails. Simply highlight the section of text you wish your reader to click and choose the button below (red circle) where you can enter the URL of the page you wish to link to.

Hyperlink Screenshot


Finally, send yourself a test email.

With Footfall123 you can actually send yourself a test email (red box above) before you send the real thing. This is a good idea as the format and layout of the email can sometimes change when sending it out, so send yourself a test to make sure the final product is looking great! These are just a few tips on how to create a great looking and effective email, what are your tips?


Happy creating!


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