Pub Marketing: 5 ways to build data in your pub

Pub Marketing: 5 ways to build data in your pub

We are often asked ‘what is the best way to build a database?’ and we’ve written before about the best ways to do this in an earlier post. Here we’re going to focus on the things that you can do on site to maximise the number of people that sign up to your database.

Talk to people – ask customers to sign up

This may seem obvious / tedious / too direct, delete as you feel appropriate. However, talking to your customers is just the thing that you should do because a) this informs your customers that you have a mailing list b) shows your customer that you value their business c) your customer may have useful feedback for you. Engaging with your customers first hand is a powerful way learn what your customers think of your pub and collect a few email addresses into the bargain.


Posters play a vital role in keeping your customers up to date with what’s happening at your pub. Whether it’s a special offer on IPA, a new addition to your menu or a fixture list for the weekends matches, posters are a key tool in your marketing tool box. To collect data using a poster the poster should request the customer visit your website to sign up, leave a business card at the bar or simply have a blank sheet of paper on the bar for customers to write them down before they leave.

Urinal QR codes

QR codes take the poster to the next level. So, as well as informing the customer of a special offer or incentive, the QR code links directly to your sign up form. For example, ‘scan here to claim your free drink’ customers are then directed one handed, to your sign up form. Hey presto, you’ve added another email to your database.

Collect business cards / comment cards

This is single most effective and easy to do thing that we could suggest – collect business cards from your customers – simple. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, offer a prize each month for customers that leave a card, say a free meal or bottle of wine. This creates a buzz of excitement and encourages positive word of mouth.

Use a tablet / iPad

For the more advanced operator we would recommend either directly entering customer details in to the main computer system (at booking or arrival). Alternatively, building data collection in to the billing process at the end of a meal and having the server collect email during payment. This can form part of an effective customer feedback process.

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