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Footfall 123

We introduced the Footfall123 scheme in November 2012 when Greene King offered to fund the scheme for 6 months and on paper it seemed like a great idea. Full of enthusiasm we blundered ahead….set up a couple of Social Rocket offers, ordered some loyalty cards and sat back on our laurels! Ha! All sorted, done and dusted!

No, it’s bigger and better than that….and all our lame 1st effort did was give away stuff to our regular friends that supported us all year round! We found excuses about giving away for no benefit, lack of time, people not using computers, not having emails etc…. is this you too???? Well it doesn’t have to be like that trust me!

In just 8 weeks we have 265 customers with loyalty cards have made 1,559 scans to date. 229 customers have provided email addresses. 

We have done nothing other than implement a loyalty card scheme – with the right offer. We haven’t used the email addresses yet (we’ve gained a future marketing database and we still have to work out what to do with that now we have it!!) (And we still have to explore the Social Rocket avenue too)

Our average weekly turnover was down by £180 per week compared to the previous year, but since the introduction of the scheme our weekly average is now £800 higher than the previous year!

The discount has cost £1,000 over 8 weeks but in that 8 weeks our turnover is £5,700 higher than the same period in the prior year and the best bit….we called our cards privilege cards and we charge £1 for each card thereby covering the cost of the production.

How……Choose your offer – we did 7 in total but the one that worked best was….
25% off the first drink every time you visit (1 a day limit) we made sure the offers in place allow the customer to recoup the £1 charge with the first couple of uses. We challenged our staff – Simply £20 cash to the team member who issued the most cards in the month.

We concentrated on the loyalty card and removed the obstacles…we register the card for them all they have to do is provide their details on a simple form and pay the £1. If they don’t have email it doesn’t matter focus on getting them using the cards.

As if you needed any more proof…….. I was discussing the cards with a member of our team this week, she was at a BBQ with 20 other friends last weekend, and they all wanted to go to the pub…10 of the group wanted to walk to the nearest pub in the high street but the 10 that already had loyalty cards wanted to walk that little bit further and come to us. 10 minutes later they all ploughed through the door, and now nearly all of them have loyalty cards too….did they have 1 drink? No….. they drank all night!

Have fun – Ian & Roz


About the Author: James Thomas

I work with retail and hospitality businesses to develop their digital strategy, specialising in loyalty marketing. I ride a bike, I like to swim and enjoy a nice cup of tea. You'll find me in the kitchen at parties. Drinking real ale. From a jug.

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