Social Rocket gets even smarter!

New smart-post technology has been added to our Facebook  marketing tool Social Rocket, making it even easier for your Facebook offer to go viral!

So what does ‘smart-post’ technology do exactly?

  • Smart-post now automatically posts your Social Rocket offer to the Facebook wall of whoever claims it.

So what does this mean?

FB Social Rocket

  • Everything that is posted to someone’s wall can be viewed by all of their friends; your customers have now become your Facebook advertising boards!
  • Posts are also displayed on Facebook news feeds, so potential customers don’t even have to view a friends profile to see your offer!
  • These potential new customers can now ‘like’ your page and ‘claim’ your offer as well; your offer is now going viral!

How does this help my business?

  • Social Rocket, with Smart-post, will build your Facebook presence as each new customer must ‘like’ your business page before claiming their offer.
  • The greater your Facebook presence the easier it is to communicate with a large number of potential customers!
  • Each new customer who claims is automatically sent an email with their offer, plus their email address is added to a database allowing you to communicate with them directly.

 Why not click here, create a new offer and see just how smart it really is!

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